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Best Solutions for a Skylight Replacements

If your skylight is damaged, we can help you replace it. Our skylight replacement service is designed for all types of customers and offer complete satisfaction for all of our clients. We do skylight glass replacement, skylight windows replacement, skylight covers replacement, and so on. Our skylight replacement is affordable.

When You Need A Skylight Replacement

If you are re-roofing your house, then you need a skylight replacement. You will have the get the skylight removed and then reinstalled when you’re done installing the new roof. Most people prefer skylight replacement Toronto because it offers them the chance to get a replacement that looks like a new installation. Skylight Solutions technicians have vast knowledge and experience in all types of alternatives, including commercial skylight replacement.

You will also need a skylight replacement is the old one is damaged and is beyond repairs. Old and broken skylight might cause severe issues if they are not replaced immediately. Small animals, debris, and tiny particles might gain access and destroy properties within the house. Our 2×2 skylight is guaranteed to deliver quality results will bring a new look to your home. We only make use of the best skylight replacement contractors to provide top quality materials that will last long.

Another reason you might need a residential skylight replacement is if you want to upgrade from an old one. This is neither a replacement nor a repair, but you just want to make use of the latest design to improve the aesthetics of your house. We have a selection of high-quality modern skylights that will look good in your residential building. These skylight products are quite affordable and unique in design. You can decide to increase the size or change the dimensions all you care. We are ready for whatever your plan is and will deliver as you wish.

Skylight Replacement on Sloped Roofs

A skylight isn’t just a window on a roof anymore. Some homeowners may consider it a luxury, but having a skylight can definitely benefit any home or your business. Select from several categories to find the right residential skylight window for you.

Skylight Replacement on Flat Roofs

Sun Tunnels or sun tubes are one of the latest inventions allowing natural light coming from roof into small and narrow spaces. The new product strategy delivers brighter natural light and the easiest installation available.

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Custom Skylight for sloped and Flat Roofs

Skylight Solutions is a home of quality skylight installation, repairs, and replacement in Toronto

Best Solutions for a Skylight Replacements

Replacing The Skylight Glass

Some you might just want to replace the skylight glass instead of the entire thing. Skylight glass replacement is straightforward. Before your replacement procedure; think whether the glass needs replacement in the first place. If the glass is broken, then it needs to be replaced before things get worse. If the glass is cracked, it also needs replacement to prevent the pieces from falling and injuring someone. Some people might also want to replace a glass simply because they found a product they think will be awesome.

Once you decide you’re going to have the replacement done, you can talk to us about it so we can advise you on making the best decisions. You can decide to select tempered glass or choose clean glass if that is your taste. We also provide you with the best glass material to ensure that you only use products from skylight contractors that are tested and trusted.

Replacing Skylight Domes 

Skylight domes sometimes might develop problems and begin to leak. You can try to replace the skylight domes only and reduce the cost of skylight replacement. Skylight solutions can help you restore skylight domes of many shapes and sizes including square, round, and rectangle. We can also install different shapes and sizes and help you fit it correctly. We replace skylight dome in anywhere within the house including kitchen, attic, bathroom, etc.

Saving Money On Your Skylight Replacement

Whether it is a commercial skylight replacement or residential skylight replacement, you can also save money by consulting us first. How can this be? We have the expertise and would provide you with all the information that you need. We can also help you determine if you need a replacement or a repair. Repairs are cheaper and can provide the same results.

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