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SKYLIGHT SOLUTIONS carefully choose its parents during time. We stand for premium quality and costumer support. 

Skylights and Partners

Skylights Solutions stands out as a brand with efficient solutions to residential skylight needs. With our experience and partnership in the skylights industry, we have been able to satisfy countless clients and the list keeps growing.

At Skylights Solution, we believe that in order to serve our clients better, we need to partner with top brands in the industry. As such; we collaborate with existing and renowned skylight brands for supplies and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Velux is a brand committed to providing skylight products and solutions. With a clear vision of bringing light to life, Velux has carved a niche for its brand and products in the Skylight industry. Velux has a wide range of skylight collections, and that makes them an ideal partner to Skylight Solutions.

Our commitment to optimum customer satisfaction makes up partner with Velux to get the best skylight materials we use in recreating our clients’ home. The products we get from Velux include – Roof windows, flat roof windows, Velux modular skylights, blinds, and shutters, among others. Velux has been in the industry for over 75 years and has been delivering products that serve different companies and clients well.


Soprema is another unique brand we partner with to deliver unmatched skylight services. Soprema is a renowned brand that offers a complete range of roofing underlays used for efficient protection from water, powdery snow, insects, and infiltration among others, as well reduce the effects of heat loss and strain through lofts.

Soprema offers a wide range of roof windows and roofing materials. Soprema’s bituminous shingles flaunt surfacing mat reinforcement which serves great roofing purposes. Founded in 1908, Soprema Group as an independent family group has formed a large customer base when it comes to supplying and installing waterproofing, insulation and roofing solutions.

We are a proud partner to Soprema and they supply us with some of the products we use in delivering topnotch skylights solutions.


HomeStars is a service group that aims at taking off the hassle of looking for reputable repairmen, renovators, and retailers from the shoulders of homeowners. Across Canada, HomeStar stands out with their unique service as a leading online community where homeowners get to find the home improvement companies they need.

HomeStars ensures clients find the best home improvement companies across various cities, as well get the best service from them. With a long list of reputable brands available upon search on HomeStars, you are sure to find the right brand that suits you.


Apparently, better roofing and roof windows crown any building project and make it worthwhile and worth inhabiting. GAF is U.S based company focused on waterproofing and roofing of buildings. For more than a century, GAF has produced a sold countless roofing products and exceeded their clients’ expectations.

We partner with GAF to get some of the high-performing roofing products we use in delivering unique and efficient services. Our brand goes far and beyond to ensure we use the best and long-lasting skylights products in working for our clients, and GAF has proved to be a group we can always count on.


CertainTeed is a group with over 100 years in the building and roofing industry in North America. CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain which has been relevant for its manufacture and supplies of building products. With over 5,700 employees, CertainTeed and its affiliates have over 60 manufacturing stations in the U.S.

Skylights Solutions is a proud partner of this renowned brand. We have been working together for years to give our clients roof window solutions and skylight services they can’t resist. CertainTeed supplies us with some of their high-performing products which we use in delivering outstanding services.


IKO is a leading company in the roofing industry and was founded in 1951. Over the years, IKO has grown and hit the U.S marketplace in 1979. IKO has developed and built new stations across North America partnering with other top brands.

Skylight Solutions is proud to be a strong partner of IKO, offering various services which are rooted in the use of certain products by IKO. While IKO is bent on improving and updating its equipment for better productivity, we are focused on delivering efficient roof window solutions with these products