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Skylight Solutions is a home of quality skylight installation, repairs, and replacement. We are a client-focused team that offers unique roof light solutions. Our quality skylight installations turn your home into a paradise of lights and fixtures. Our dynamic services extend to sun tunnels, flat roof solutions, and roof windows.


We offer a comprehensive structure of harmonizing products and accessories for any solution from installation down to the ultimate touches.

Skylight Installation and repairs

A skylight isn’t just a window on a roof anymore. Some homeowners may consider it a luxury, but having a skylight can definitely benefit any home.

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Sun Tunnels

SUN TUNNELS - the most advanced skylight in the business. The new product strategy delivers brighter natural light and the easiest installation available.

Sun Tunnel installation and repairs

Our system of skylights provides the brightest light. Contact us today for more info and offers.

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Roof Windows

Roof windows are designed for in-reach applications that require egress emergency escape abilities.

Roof Window installation and repairs

Add extra daylight, fresh air and direct access to the outdoors with these innovative windows. Add a balcony to your home or choose a roof terrace window.

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Flat Roof Solution

We offer a wide range of flat roof solutions all calculated to keep heat loss to a minimum, make the most of solar gain and let in natural daylight.

Best Flat Roof Solutions in the market

Find the solution that suits you the best, then sit back and enjoy the benefits our products.

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Why should you choose us?

We are a skylight installation company that provides you mind-blowing and expert services. We don’t just brag about our capacity to deliver we have evidences to show for our competency, consistency, and accuracy.

High-Quality Materials– While many companies promise quality work and results without making you understand how they make this work, Skylight Solutions is committed to providing high-end results by sorting construction and design materials from reliable skylight installation contractors, suppliers, and brands. All the materials we use in our work are certified to be of high standards and will last long in your building. We promise that whatever we do for you cannot be matched anywhere else.

Experienced Technicians– No matter the reputation of a company, what matters most is the kind of people working and delivering services. Our staff of technicians has been in the business of installing roofing lights and decorative features for decades. Our technicians have also been certified by various bodies to be competent and resourceful. As we expand our business, we ensure that we hire only the very best. Our technicians know exactly what to do to ensure that they meet global standards and your preferred standard in delivering quality services to your home.

Responsive Customer Service– When you hire us to do your work, you have taken the step to rest of mind. We don’t just offer quality work we provide responsive customer service to take care of all your queries. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. Whatever the issue we will attend to immediately and ensure that it is solved. Whatever you need to do, be it repairs, installation, or replacement, we are very much ready to help you deal with it. Sending a query to our customer service system is fast and easy. You can contact us via chat, email, phone, or fill our online form and we will respond to you within a short time. You can also contact us through our social media pages including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lasting solutions – Skylight installations Toronto provides quality skylight services and solutions to all their customers. We ensure that everything we do, from planning to commercial skylight installation, is made to last. We take so much pride in our work being the best among the rest. The lasting solution we provide is one of the main reasons why many of our customers trust us.


Our Core Values

Skylight Solutions specializes in providing skylights solutions for residential buildings. We provide all types of skylight solutions depending on what you want. We offer fixed skylights intended for providing additional lights. We also provide ventilating skylight, both manual and electronic, for different parts of the building, including kitchen and bathroom. Our technicians are also experts in installing tubular for small rooms, hallways, and closets.

Apart from roof skylight installation, we also install sun tunnels, roof windows, and flat roof solutions. Our sun tunnels are magnificent. We provide sun tunnel installation that saves energy bills and allows beautiful sun rays to enter your living room. If you love to have roof windows in your home, we are the right people to consult. We install all types of roof windows depending on your desire.

Our Home Owners Say

Very pleased with workmanship, dependability and punctuality. Will definitely recommend skylight solutions.
I appreciate the communication between customer and salesman including home visit to ensure proper and best service.


Skylights Solutions replaced all 3 of our skylights. The crew was totally professional, and explained the process before they started. The work was done when they said it would be, and there was no mess or inconvenience after work was done. Everyone I dealt with at the firm was very nice and proffesional. Questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. And the new skylights are great. I highly recommend Skylights Solutions.

JOHNY • Home Owner

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At Skylight Solutions, we take our time to understand each client’s need to make custom solutions to their requirements to enhance their homes for natural light and air.


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