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A skylight can be the perfect way to inject some much needed natural light into any environment. We offer installation and replacement services for both opening and fixed curb mounted for flat roofs. With an extensive range of flat glass lights, roof lanterns and polycarbonate roof domes to suit every budget and look, you’ll be sure to find the perfect skylight for your home.

Flat roof skylights can be a popular feature to add during a new installation and for good reason too — but they can also be a major source of weakness in a roof. Skylights make your building more energy-efficient and more attractive, however, they also pose a risk for serious leaks. So, whether you’re considering the benefits of skylights for your new, existing roof or are looking to handle a leak, we can help.


CFP- Flat roof skylight

VELUX Flat roof skylights are highly energy efficient, innovative solutions for bringing large amounts of sunlight through a flat roof.  The CFP is a fixed flat roof skylight to let in natural light and provide a view to the outdoors.

CVP- Flat roof manual venting skylight

The CVP is a manual venting flat roof skylight that provides daylight, ventilation and fresh air through the roof.  

CXP- Flat roof exit skylight

The innovative CXP is a flat roof exit skylight is designed to provide access to your roof.  Bring in natural light, enjoy the view and access your roof- all in one solutio


Custom Size Skylights For Flat Roof Solutions

Time to time we come across situations where fitting a skylight with standard measurements is a challenge. Velux has made it easier for us installers to keep the interior of the opening the same, but fit perfectly with perfect measurements on the outside. Custom size skylight takes a few weeks for delivery but are perfect solution when it comes to saving money but not making any interior changes. 

Signs when a skylight is leaking on a flat roof

Depending on the installation, on some roofs, the skylights are often the first point of failure. The primary reason that flat roof skylights leak is that the material itself fails and cracks. These cracks can either happen from a specific incident like hail damage or simply from age.

As is the case with all types roofing problems, the damage can be hard to see from the ground until it’s too late. However, these are two signs of flat roof skylight leaks you should keep an eye out for:

The Skylight Starts Fogging — If you notice that a particular skylight or panel is fogged over, that is a sign that the glass has cracked and condensation is occurring. This is an early warning sign of a larger leak to come.

Water or Stains Below the Skylight — This is a sign that a significant amount of water is infiltrating through the skylight and ending up in your building.