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New Skylight Installations

If you don’t have a skylight in your house, you are missing out on one of the best home features and modelling ever. Think about the opportunity now and make up your mind to have a new skylight installation. Skylight Solutions offer quality skylight installation using the best materials and the most experienced technicians in the industry. Our fees are moderate and ensure that you get the best value for your money. We are also a commercial skylight company offering skylight installation in commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls, etc. We can handle any size of new installation no matter how big it is.

Why Should You Install New Skylight?

Sunshine is good for your health. It helps to generate vitamin D, promotes body metabolism, provides heat, and kills germs. But conventional building construction does not permit high sunshine penetration. New skylight installation will allow more sunshine into your home to provide heat and light during the day. Natural light makes you more productive. Humans are created to be in the open and enjoy nature, but modern lifestyle has shifted our horizon and caused us to lock ourselves indoors. If you allow more sunshine and daylight into your house, you will be inspired to do more and achieve higher goals within a short period.

Installing skylight in your commercial building will make your workers happier. It offers them the opportunity to do more work within a short period. Research has linked normal sunlight to a higher rate of depression and people who get more sunlight during the day are less stressed and depressed through the week. Skylight reduces your electricity bills, and by so doing, it helps to make the world greener and saves the planet. With skylight in your office or store, you will attract more people and make more sales. People love to be in a place that contributes to their health and mental state.

New installations of skylights on sloped roofs

A skylight isn’t just a window on a roof anymore. Some homeowners may consider it a luxury, but having a skylight can definitely benefit any home or your business. Our services go beyond a simple skylight replacement. From framing the opening, tunnel and insulating it are a few things that separates us from many other skylight installers. 

New installations of skylights on flat roofs

Improper installation of flat roofing membranes can lead to leaks especially in the interior skylight opening corners. Having extensive experience with different flat roof systems gives an edge compared to others. Hiring framers in our in crews has made it easier for our company to provide excellent skills and bullet proof flat roof skylight installations. 

How we install new skylights?

When we install a new skylight, we make sure that it is done in the best way possible. We make use of certain tools for cutting, hammering, and plastering. We also use new skylight materials supplied by the most trusted suppliers. Apart from the supplies, we even put up a viable plan. The plan must include deciding on the space to put the skylight. After selecting the right place, we move on to the installation proper.

We first cut out space on the roof where the skylight will stay. Space must be about the same size as the skylight. There are different shapes, sizes, and types of skylight so the size and measurements matter. After cutting and framing of the area, the next thing is to cut back the roofing and then attach the skylight into space carefully. We the slip in the underlayment and positioning the roof paper under the shingles to prevent it from damaging the shingles on the roof. Next is the installation of the bottom and step flashing. The flash pieces overlap each other and are attached to the skylight and not the roof. The final step involves the installation of the solid flashing pieces to give it a final touch and get it ready for a new life.

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What Makes Our Skylight Installation The Best In The Toronto Area?

So many things make us the best. If you are looking for a reputable company to do new skylight installation with a complete guarantee, we are the people to call. Unlike other installers, our skylight installation doesn’t cause leakage during the rains and doesn’t allow cold to creep in during the winter. We also handle all types of new skylight installation, new window roof installation, flat roof solutions, and so on.

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