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Velux Skylights

Serving clients with tailored and efficient skylight solutions has been our core mission and we don’t relent in the pursuit to keep this alive. Skylight Solutions partners with reputable and renowned brands in the industry to ensure we make our clients have a unique experience each time we handle their projects. One of our big and trusted partners is Velux, a brand you can always count on for quality roofing windows and other skylight accessories.

Nothing beats getting fresh air and proper ventilation when at home or even at your commercial places. Velux is partner brand that understands this and strives to provide products that aid better living environments.  Velux was established over 75 years with an undying passion for daylight, fresh and quality, as well better living environments.

Villum Rasmussen, an entrepreneur, and inventor brought up a great idea which when applied could turn dark attics into spaces anyone could live comfortably with the full daylight and fresh air – this was in 1941. With an idea of making living spaces health friendly with proper ventilation and natural lights, Velux offers a wide range of roofing and skylight products.

Rasmussen’s first ever roof window got its patent right in 1942 and the success story started. VELUX was coined out from Ventilation and Lux (a Latin word that means light), VE + LUX meaning Velux. Just in a few decades, with dedication and intense effort, Rasmussen and his group had a great record of its product usage across Europe and America.

Right from time, Velux has maintained a track record of successful project managements when it comes to roofing and improving home ventilation. As part of his first commissions in the industry, he supplied roof windows to some schools where they served great purposes. Learning under appropriate natural light and properly ventilated classrooms became easier and achievable in some schools with the assistance and products from Velux. Over the years, Velux has always maintained a goal of supplying roof windows that is as perfect as the best vertical window one can ever get.

Despite the effects of the war that halted many establishments and startups, Velux thrived after the war and their products were high on demands. Rasmussen believed high quality and standard products as well tapping into the ever-evolving technologies and innovations to remain relevant while offering unmatched services and products.

Velux proves with their product collect are just the best when it comes to striking a balance between energy and comfort in an indoor environment. In line with the series of products Velux launched over the years, it launched a new generation of roof windows in 2012. These roof windows come with improved energy balance. These skylights are apt for proper ventilation and fresh air circulation in commercial buildings.

Today, Velux has grown from a skylight startup to a reputable brand with a wide range of solutions and products that form part of what is needed for an improved life quality and a better environment. The benefits of skylights and proper aeration in schools, home, and even commercial places cannot be overemphasized and having the right product and team to install, repair and maintain your systems are paramount. We are a brand that also shares the same philosophy as Velux. Being a strong partner, we get some of the products we use for our services from them as they only offer high-quality and standard products. Likewise, we have some other brands we partner to get the right products that fit our clients’ project in each case.

Skylight Solutions has a track record of assisting homeowners with efficient and state-of-the-art products and roof windows of which Velux is a major supplier. As a customer-focused brand and quality-oriented group of skylight experts, we know what it takes to take your project through to completion in line with your specifications.

We are a brand that is always bent on serving you better and we go extra miles to ensure we achieve this. Right from your first contact with us to the last day of completing your project, we only leave you happy and satisfied with our unique customer service and services.