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Skylight Solutions offer top quality services, providing roof lights and related solutions to all our clients. We present three main services including Skylights, Sun Tunnels, Roof Windows, and Flat Roof Solutions. We would like you to know that we only deliver the best results and guarantee that once we install, you’ll never have to face any problems anymore. Your home enhancement desire is our job, so sit down and relax, we got you covered.

Main Services


Skylights offer so many benefits for homeowners. We install skylights that allow natural lights and prevent small particles from entering. Our installation is perfected and is guaranteed to deliver top quality. Skylights offer comfort that reduces anxiety and stress. Introduction of natural lights also adds aesthetic value to your home and promotes energy efficiency. We install all types of Skylights including ventilating windows, escape windows, and tubular skylights. Our skylight installation services are reputed to be one of the best in Toronto, to give you value for money and turn your home into a lasting glory.

Sun Tunnels

Our sun tunnel installation service is top of the class. Why install a sun tunnel in your home? Sun tunnels allow natural sunlight into your home so you can save on energy consumptions. They also look very adorable and offer beauty and functionality for your home decoration. We offer installation for all types of sun tunnels based on their respective sizes. You can also choose the kind of sun tunnel material you want, even though all of our items are from top quality suppliers.

We make installations for rounded dome, flat glass cover, rigid sun tunnels, and flexible sun tunnels. We can also install your sun tunnel in a wall if you want. Before deciding on the type of tunnel to install, make sure you put the construction of your home into consideration. But of course, we provide you with top quality consultation to help you make the best decisions.

Roof Windows

Sunlight is free and is one of the essentials of life. Why not allow sunshine into your home by installing high-quality roof windows. Our technicians are one of the best when it comes to design and installation of high-quality roof windows that last long. Roof Windows encourage balance of thermal energy, by allowing light and heat to enter your home and heat to escape. It also let in ventilation so that you can enjoy fresh breeze. Skylight Solutions is equipped with the best expertise to install all kinds of Roof Windows including Arc Windows, Panoramic, High Pivot, Balcony Windows, Non-standard, and L-Shaped combination Windows.

Flat Roof Solutions

Flat roofs are an interesting addition to your home. At Skylight Solutions, we offer the best flat roof solutions in all of Toronto. Flat roofs are useful for so many reasons. They are easy to access, affordable, and durable. If you live in a windy area and you’ve been having issues with damaged roofs, maybe you should consider flat roof for a change.

We deliver all types of flat roof installations, including rubber coatings, self-adhered membranes, tar and gravel, and torch on. Our expert installers and technicians will explain all the options to you and advise you on the best one you should select.


New Install

We offer new installation of skylights and all types of roofing materials. We have the expertise and tools to help you get quality work done.


If you want to replace a damaged roof window or skylight, we are the right people to call. We promise that our replacement will perform better than what you had.


Sometimes, flat roofs, sun tunnels, and skylight might get damaged. You may not need to replace it. Our technicians will provide you with repairs that will make it look like the original.


We are top suppliers of skylights, sun tunnels, and other items. You can trust that all materials we use are genuine.

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At Skylight Solutions, we take our time to understand each client’s need to make custom solutions to their requirements to enhance their homes for natural light and air.