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If you discover that your skylight is leaky, you might need repairs to get it fixed. Skylight Solutions offer quality skylight repairs of all kinds. We help get your skylight back into high performance and perfection without you breaking the bank.

How To Diagnose Skylight Leaks

There are several ways to diagnose skylight leaks. The first one is done in the interior. If you noticed that the interior shows long dark lines of water dripping from the skylight then, your skylight is faulty. But not all the time will a water stain determine that the skylight is leaky. Sometimes, the water stain might be a result of condensate stains. Flashing cement gaps are also known to cause skylight leaks. Other problems that can lead to skylight leaks are cement bonding failures and thermal expansion sealant failure.

If you are in doubt, you can use a water rose on the skylight to find out if there is a leak. The water hose will help deliver water to the skylight so you can check if any water will make it to the interior.

Skylight Repairs Are Our Specialty

Skylight solutions offer specialized maintenance for all types of skylights. We appear at your residence with a large, fully-equipped truck ready to get all your skylights back in full shape. Safety is our primary concern. We also come with high-quality safety equipment like a ladder, to ensure that your house, the occupants, and our crew is safe. We have all the credentials and certifications, so you’re sure that every member of our team has the skills to help you get the best results from your skylight repairs. We know that our presence will disrupt normal activities within the house. We won’t take too long. We work fast and quick to get out of your hair so that you can be in control of your home once again.

We Provide Full Repairs

Our skylight leak repair is all-encompassing. If the leak has caused any damage to the interior, we make sure we fix that for you as well. We also make sure we take care we don’t damage any of your shingles or roofing during the repair. If there is any damage to the roof due to the leakage, we make sure we fix it also. We offer Toronto skylight repair hard to find anywhere else in the city.

Skylight Repair Cost 

Leaking skylight repair cost depends on the type of skylight you have and the kind of repairs that need to be done. The cost implication may include the skylight, roof flashing curb, solar powered shading, and accessories. There may also be equipment and material cost, labor cost, and other costs. Skylight solutions ensure that all your expenses do not exceed the normal rates and values. We offer competitive costs hard to match in the market.

Skylight Solutions Offer The Best Materials

The most important thing when it comes to skylight repair is the materials. If the materials used in the replacement is good, then the repair will be a success. Skylight Solutions ensure that all materials used for repairs are of high quality that will last for long and save you money. We do not compromise when it comes to quality. We deliver in the best and make sure that our customers enjoy quality service delivery that can match any other companies in Toronto. The materials and repairs come with a warranty to prove that we know exactly what we are doing.

Contact Us For All Types Of Repairs

Whatever the repair issues you want to do, we will always be there to provide our assistance. Just give us a call, and we will offer you the best options that will save you money and yet deliver quality service. We have several experts in our crew who have the knowledge and capacity to do all sorts of skylight window repair fast and efficient.

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